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I have tried very common and basic image searches to give it a shot, and all results come to nothing.

I would used to be able to find the most obscure images instantly through out many unknown websites. Maybe this app was TOO good.

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How to Find Pictures of Someone. If you're looking for photographs of a friend or acquaintance, the best place to search is online. Individuals upload many. Traditionally, Internet searches for pictures of people have been inefficient, since the results often yielded many links that contained no images. But features.

Such a shame they handicapped it of its use. I used to love this app - I could screenshot a suspicious picture and upload it to Veracity to instantly find out if people were using stolen pics. Suddenly Veracity stopped finding anyone even people who I have previously found using this app and can verify that their pics are on the internet.

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I don't know what's going on, but please fix it! Recently started to do some online dating It is a resource to look for extra information and while it doesn't always pick up the photos posted on social media, it has been awesome in helping to weeding out the Nigerian romance scammers! Doesn't mean the person isn't fake because the app can't find the images, but def is a great place to start your research if you're thinking you're being deceived!

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Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Get details & take action on your photos

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Discover the truth behind the pixels.

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Mar 30, Version 1. Information Seller Dimitris Roilidis.

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Size To protect your phone—and eyes—from the plague of unsolicited dick pics, you should change your AirDrop settings immediately. It's dead easy to do, thankfully. The British Transport Police BTP is taking a very hard stance on the AirDropping of dick pics, stating that the public should be able to travel on public transport without experiencing "unwanted sexual behaviour of any kind—be it verbal, physical or via technology.

Whenever we receive an unwanted dick pic, it's pretty normal to feel the urge to erase it from your phone so you never have to see it ever again.

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But, Forsyth advises retaining the image so offenders can be brought to justice through the courts. Forsyth says that offenders may think they can "hide behind modern technology," but they "leave a digital footprint" when they send these messages. This can result in being "caught, arrested and ending up on the sex offenders register.

Your next step is to report the matter to the police as soon as you can, says Forsyth.

Get info about your photos & surroundings

If you don't fancy making a phone call then text to notify a member of the BTP. Transport for London TfL echoes this advice, stating that it's determined to "stamp out" unwanted sexual behaviour on London's transport network. So, while AirDropping dick pics might sound like a funny prank to some, the authorities think it's far from a laughing matter. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Culture Like Follow.